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clipboard01-3PACK5 QUALCOMM:

  • ZTE T6 – TEL_AU_P671B41V1.0.0B06-S – DIRECT UNLOCK



Ascend G7 G7-L01 C432B360
Ascend G7 G7-L01 C464B540
Ascend G7 G7-L11 C185B510
Huawei U8186 U8186 C00B840
Huawei U8186 U8186-1 C00B5859
Huawei U8186 U8186-1 C66B845
Huawei U8186 U8186-5 C00B827
Huawei U8186 U8186-5 C465B866
Huawei U8186 U8186-7 C00B839
Huawei U8186 U8186-7 C34B839
Huawei U8230 U8230 C00B870
Huawei U8230 U8230 C23B224
Huawei U8230 U8230 C62B857
Huawei U8230 U8230 C100B820
Huawei U8230 U8230 C101B282
Huawei U8230 U8230 C123B819
Huawei U8230 U8230 C128B829
Huawei U8230 U8230 C132B282
Huawei U8230 U8230 C144B836
Huawei U8230 U8230 C152B821
Huawei U8230 U8230 C157B865
Huawei U8230 U8230 C161B839
Huawei U8230 U8230 C166B837
Huawei U8230 U8230 C193B870
Huawei U8230 U8230 C200B862
Huawei U8300 U8300 C09B261
Huawei U8300 U8300 C15B278
Huawei U8300 U8300 C34B271
Huawei U8300 U8300 C42B303
Huawei U8300 U8300 C102B280
Huawei U8300 U8300 C113B286
Huawei U8300 U8300 C125B258
Huawei U8300 U8300 C151B287
Huawei U8300 U8300 C208B263
Huawei U8300 U8300 C312B311
Huawei U8300 U8300 C313B293
Huawei U8500 U8500 C00B273
Huawei U8500 U8500 C24B277
Huawei U8500 U8500 C38B260
Huawei U8500 U8500 C226B259
Huawei U8500 U8500 C242B275
Huawei U8500 U8500 C253B269
Huawei U8500 U8500 C320B73
Huawei U8500 U8500 C09B716
Huawei U8500 U8500 C21B720
Huawei U8500 U8500 C54B710
Huawei U8500 U8500 C85B716
Huawei U8500 U8500 C86B712
Huawei U8500 U8500 C102B719
Huawei U8500 U8500 C151B719
Huawei U8500 U8500 C279B728
Huawei U8500 U8500 C284B720
Huawei U8500 U8500 C302B726
Huawei U8500 U8500 C303B726
Huawei U8500 U8500 C00B761
Huawei U8500 U8500 C152B760
Huawei U8500 U8500 C281B763
Huawei U8500 U8500 C294B762
Huawei U8500 U8500 C374B765
Huawei U8500 U8500 C399B766
Huawei U8500 U8500 C05B713
Huawei U8500 U8500 C285B720
Huawei U8510 U8510 C26B826
Huawei U8510 U8510-0 C00B830
Huawei U8510 U8510-0 C104B830
Huawei U8510 U8510-0 C197B821
Huawei U8510 U8510-0 C349B859
Huawei U8510 U8510-1 C00B861
Huawei U8510 U8510-1 C151B863
Huawei U8510 U8510-1 C00B856
Huawei U8510 U8510-1 C02B831
Huawei U8510 U8510-1 C23B852
Huawei U8510 U8510-1 C113B835
Huawei U8510 U8510-1 C151B835
Huawei U8510 U8510-1 C169B855
Huawei U8510 U8510-1 C183B831
Huawei U8510 U8510-1 C211B835
Huawei U8510 U8510-1 C290B855
Huawei U8510 U8510-1 C301B831
Huawei U8510 U8510-1 C306B851
Huawei U8510 U8510-1 C312B835
Huawei U8510 U8510-1 C326B837
Huawei U8510 U8510-1 C353B839
Huawei U8510 U8510-1 C364B852
Huawei U8510 U8510-5 C212B863
Huawei U8510 U8510-5 C344B855
Huawei U8510 U8510-7 C346B839
Huawei U8510 U8510-92 C26B826
Huawei U8600 U8600 C85B215
Huawei U8652 U8652 C421B899
Huawei U8652 U8652 C07B855
Huawei U8652 U8652-51 C262B852
Huawei U8652 U8652-51 C27B839
Huawei U8652 U8652-51 C56B839
Huawei U8655 U8655-1 C149B892
Huawei U8655 U8655-1 C185B888
Huawei U8655 U8655-1 C301B890
Huawei U8655 U8655-51 C465B801
Huawei U8655 U8655-1 C128B899
Huawei U8655 U8655-1 C02B806
Huawei U8666 U8666E C10B944
Huawei U8681 U8681 C113B933
Huawei U8800 U8800 C00B042
Huawei U8800 U8800 C00B526
Huawei U8800 U8800 C07B630
Huawei U8800 U8800-5 C00B051
Huawei U8800 U8800-51 C00B051
Huawei U8800 U8800-51 C07B635
Huawei U8800 U8800H C00B138
Huawei U8800 U8800H C104B153
Huawei U8800 U8800H C202B136
Huawei U8800 U8800P C00B534
Huawei U8800 U8800P C213B519
Huawei U8800 U8800Pro C00B565
Huawei U8815 U8815-1 C102B885
Huawei U8815 U8815-1 C00B952
Huawei U8815 U8815-1 C02B960
Huawei U8815 U8815-1 C10B943
Huawei U8815 U8815-1 C203B942
Huawei U8815 U8815-51 C25B899
Huawei U8815 U8815-51 C27B895
Huawei U8815 U8815-51 C428B893
Huawei U8815 U8815-51 C40B942
Huawei U8815 U8815-51 C43B953
Huawei U8815 U8815-71 C346B948
Huawei U8815 U8815 C00B899
Huawei U8815 U8815 C02B961
Huawei U8815 U8815 C05B888
Huawei U8815 U8815 C09B897
Huawei U8815 U8815 C10B893
Huawei U8815 U8815 C86B883
Huawei U8815 U8815 C128B890
Huawei U8815 U8815 C151B822
Huawei U8815 U8815 C185B894
Huawei U8815 U8815 C225B894
Huawei U8815 U8815 C316B892
Huawei U8815 U8815 C428B891
Huawei U8815 U8815 C433B891
Huawei U8815 U8815 C00B948
Huawei U8815 U8815 C05B936
Huawei U8815 U8815 C09B945
Huawei U8815 U8815 C185B958
Huawei U8815 U8815 C203B940
Huawei U8815 U8815 C479B946
Huawei U8816 U8816-1 C416B895
Huawei U8816 U8816-1 C433B896
Huawei U8816 U8816-1 C96B904
Huawei U8816 U8816 C416B895
Huawei U8825 U8825 C00B958
Huawei U8825 U8825 C101B963
Huawei U8825 U8825 C151B944
Huawei U8825 U8825 C444B939
Huawei U8825 U8825-1 C00B958
Huawei U8825 U8825-1 C05B960
Huawei U8825 U8825-1 C10B951
Huawei U8825 U8825-1 C101B965
Huawei U8825 U8825-1 C113B942
Huawei U8825 U8825-1 C140B971
Huawei U8825 U8825-1 C151B944
Huawei U8825 U8825-1 C223B944
Huawei U8825 U8825-1 C388B944
Huawei U8825 U8825-1 C464B951
Huawei U8825 U8825-1 C477B965
Huawei U8825 U8825-1 C149B950
Huawei U8950 U8950 C00B951
Huawei U8950 U8950 C203B941
Huawei U8950 U8950-1 C185B951
Huawei U8950 U8950-1 C326B953
Huawei U8950 U8950-1 C00B963
Huawei U8950 U8950-1 C10B941
Huawei U8950 U8950-1 C151B944
Huawei U8950 U8950-1 C185B958
Huawei U8950 U8950-1 C203B961
Huawei U8950 U8950-1 C388B948
Huawei U8950 U8950-51 C27B944
Huawei U8950 U8950N C00B942
Huawei U8950 U8950N-51 C56B937
Huawei U8950 U8950N-51 C00B942
Huawei U9501 U9501L C00B101
Huawei U9501 U9501L C151B101
Huawei U9501 U9501L C81B005
Huawei U9501 U9501L C341B148
Huawei U9700L U9700L C26B210
Huawei U9700L U9700L C341B132
Huawei U9701L U9701L C26B209
Huawei Y301-A1 Y301-A1 C85B138
Huawei Y301-A1 Y301-A1 C25B139
Huawei Y301-A2 Y301-A2 C85B132
Vodafone 845 U8120 C02B226
Vodafone 845 V845 C02B255
Huawei U8665 U8665 C07B037
Huawei U8120 U8120 C02B226
Huawei Ascend D2 D2-0082 C00B939
Huawei Ascend D2 D2-2010 C92B939
Huawei Ascend D2 D2-5000 C00B206
Huawei Ascend D2 D2-6070 C01B311
Huawei Ascend D2 D2-6114 C341B135
Huawei Ascend G525 G525-U00 C00B196
Huawei Ascend G525 G525-U00 C05B193
Huawei Ascend G525 G525-U00 C99B191
Huawei Ascend G525 G525-U00 C151B190
Huawei Ascend G526 G526-L11 C02B186
Huawei Ascend G526 G526-L11 C21B197
Huawei Ascend G526 G526-L11 C22B195
Huawei Ascend G526 G526-L11 C85B196
Huawei Ascend G526 G526-L11 C86B191
Huawei Ascend G526 G526-L11 C150B189
Huawei Ascend G526 G526-L11 C185B191
Huawei Ascend G526 G526-L11 C224B190
Huawei Ascend G526 G526-L11 C294B197
Huawei Ascend G526 G526-L11 C388B186
Huawei Ascend G526 G526-L11 C432B191
Huawei Ascend G526 G526-L11 C433B191
Huawei Ascend G526 G526-L11 C477B186
Huawei Ascend G526 G526-L016 C193B193
Huawei Ascend G526 G526-L22 C25B193
Huawei Ascend G526 G526-L22 C27B193
Huawei Ascend G526 G526-L22 C65B188
Huawei Ascend G526 G526-L22 C346B186
Huawei Ascend G526 G526-L33 C08B192
Huawei Ascend G526 G526-L33 C25B195
Huawei Ascend G526 G526-L33 C27B196
Huawei Ascend G526 G526-L33 C32B192
Huawei Ascend G526 G526-L33 C40B190
Huawei Ascend G526 G526-L33 C45B193
Huawei Ascend G526 G526-L33 C251B195
Huawei Ascend G526 G526-L33 C262B196
Huawei Ascend G526 G526-L33 C377B195
Huawei Ascend G527 G527-U081 C189B169
Huawei Ascend G610 G610-C00 C92B130
Huawei Ascend G615 G615-U10 C17B118
Huawei Ascend G620 G620-L72 C17B127
Huawei Ascend G620 G620-L75 C01B133
Huawei Ascend G620s G620S-UL00 C17B266
Huawei Ascend G621 G621-TL00 C01B265
Huawei Ascend G630 G630-U00 C17B126
Huawei Ascend G630 G630-U10 C00B160
Huawei Ascend G630 G630-U20 C00B164
Huawei Ascend G630 G630-U251 C00B126
Huawei Ascend G716 G716-L070 C01B175
Huawei Ascend G730 G730-C00 C92B158
Huawei Ascend G730 G730-L075 C01B131
Huawei Ascend G730 G730-U00 C17B151
Huawei Ascend G730 G730-U10 C00B116
Huawei Ascend G730 G730-U27 C00B110
Huawei Ascend G730 G730-U30 C17B135
Huawei Ascend G730 G730-U251 C00B113
Huawei Ascend G7 G760-L01 C109B248
Huawei Ascend G7 G760-L01 C432B340
Huawei Ascend G7 G760-TL00 C01B361
Huawei Ascend G7 G760-UL20 C00B361
Huawei Ascend G7 G760-L03 C25B249
Huawei Ascend HW-01E D2-6070 C01B311
Huawei Ascend HW-03E U9501L C00B101
Huawei Ascend HW-03E U9501L C81B005
Huawei Ascend HW-03E U9501L C151B101
Huawei Ascend HW-03E U9501L C341B148
Huawei Ascend P2 P2-6011 C00B039
Huawei Ascend P2 P2-6011 C109B007
Huawei Ascend P2 P2-6013 C26B213
Huawei Ascend P2 P2-6070 C56B003
Huawei Ascend P2 P2-6070 C106B005
Huawei Ascend P2 P2-6070 C451B018
Huawei U8655 U8655 C00B899
Huawei U8655 U8655 C02B882
Huawei U8655 U8655 C65B819
Huawei U8655 U8655 C75B876
Huawei U8655 U8655 C85B882
Huawei U8655 U8655 C169B882
Huawei U8655 U8655 C203B895
Huawei U8655 U8655 C306B897
Huawei U8655 U8655 C428B899
Huawei U8655 U8655-1 C02B806
Huawei U8655 U8655-1 C128B899
Huawei U8655 U8655-1 C00B899
Huawei U8655 U8655-1 C33B899
Huawei U8655 U8655-1 C65B819
Huawei U8655 U8655-1 C134B888
Huawei U8655 U8655-1 C149B892
Huawei U8655 U8655-1 C151B820
Huawei U8655 U8655-1 C185B899
Huawei U8655 U8655-1 C197B899
Huawei U8655 U8655-1 C200B817
Huawei U8655 U8655-1 C225B888
Huawei U8655 U8655-1 C301B890
Huawei U8655 U8655-1 C306B885
Huawei U8655 U8655-1 C368B814
Huawei U8655 U8655-1 C391B898
Huawei U8655 U8655-1 C398B816
Huawei U8655 U8655-1 C416B898
Huawei U8655 U8655-1 C433B897
Huawei U8655 U8655-51 C00B899
Huawei U8655 U8655-51 C08B806
Huawei U8655 U8655-51 C25B897
Huawei U8655 U8655-51 C27B890
Huawei U8655 U8655-51 C45B898
Huawei U8655 U8655-51 C257B889
Huawei U8655 U8655-51 C262B898
Huawei U8655 U8655-51 C465B801
Huawei U8655 U8655-51 C557B824
Huawei Y210 Y210-0100 C45B876
Huawei Y210 Y210-0100 C76B876
Huawei Y210 Y210-0100 C00B876
Huawei Y210 Y210-0100 C02B839
Huawei Y210 Y210-0100 C05B878
Huawei Y210 Y210-0100 C16B876
Huawei Y210 Y210-0100 C18B857
Huawei Y210 Y210-0100 C34B860
Huawei Y210 Y210-0100 C55B855
Huawei Y210 Y210-0100 C66B840
Huawei Y210 Y210-0100 C76B876
Huawei Y210 Y210-0100 C86B867
Huawei Y210 Y210-0100 C128B879
Huawei Y210 Y210-0100 C163B856
Huawei Y210 Y210-0100 C165B856
Huawei Y210 Y210-0100 C183B858
Huawei Y210 Y210-0100 C223B856
Huawei Y210 Y210-0100 C294B837
Huawei Y210 Y210-0100 C301B856
Huawei Y210 Y210-0100 C376B856
Huawei Y210 Y210-0100 C388B856
Huawei Y210 Y210-0100 C408B850
Huawei Y210 Y210-0100 C433B873
Huawei Y210 Y210-0100 C479B867
Huawei Y210 Y210-0100 C545B878
Huawei Y210 Y210-0100 C556B856
Huawei Y210 Y210-0100 C587B856
Huawei Y210 Y210-0100 C591B876
Huawei Y210 Y210-0151 C611B881
Huawei Y210 Y210-0151 C00B876
Huawei Y210 Y210-0151 C25B858
Huawei Y210 Y210-0151 C27B866
Huawei Y210 Y210-0151 C40B855
Huawei Y210 Y210-0151 C45B860
Huawei Y210 Y210-0151 C69B838
Huawei Y210 Y210-0151 C81B856
Huawei Y210 Y210-0151 C110B859
Huawei Y210 Y210-0151 C112B850
Huawei Y210 Y210-0151 C178B860
Huawei Y210 Y210-0151 C195B876
Huawei Y210 Y210-0151 C533B859
Huawei Y210 Y210-0151 C546B878
Huawei Y210 Y210-0200 C601B870
Huawei Y210 Y210-0200 C00B869
Huawei Y210 Y210-0200 C05B850
Huawei Y210 Y210-0200 C15B866
Huawei Y210 Y210-0200 C99B852
Huawei Y210 Y210-0200 C151B854
Huawei Y210 Y210-0200 C219B875
Huawei Y210 Y210-0200 c223B869
Huawei Y210 Y210-0200 C224B871
Huawei Y210 Y210-0200 C336B876
Huawei Y210 Y210-0200 C388B872
Huawei Y210 Y210-0200 C408B859
Huawei Y210 Y210-0200 C433B875
Huawei Y210 Y210-0200 C536B856
Huawei Y210 Y210-0200 C539B859
Huawei Y210 Y210-0200 C544B855
Huawei Y210 Y210-0200 C551B862
Huawei Y210 Y210-0200 C560B868
Huawei Y210 Y210-0200 C575B869
Huawei Y210 Y210-0200 C579B870
Huawei Y210 Y210-0200 C601B869
Huawei Y210 Y210-0251 C00B869
Huawei Y210 Y210-0251 C25B858
Huawei Y210 Y210-0251 C45B860
Huawei Y210 Y210-0251 C386B866
Huawei Y210 Y210-0251 C525B860
Huawei Y210 Y210-2010 C460B803
Huawei Y210 Y210-2010 C566B807
Huawei Y210 Y210-2010 C571B803
Huawei Y210 Y210-C10 C32B809
Hauwei Y300 Y300-0000 C10B177
Hauwei Y300 Y300-0000 C149B180
Hauwei Y300 Y300-0100 C00B209
Hauwei Y300 Y300-0100 C02B189
Hauwei Y300 Y300-0100 C09B191
Hauwei Y300 Y300-0100 C45B199
Hauwei Y300 Y300-0100 C65B193
Hauwei Y300 Y300-0100 C75B191
Hauwei Y300 Y300-0100 C86B192
Hauwei Y300 Y300-0100 C113B192
Hauwei Y300 Y300-0100 C150B195
Hauwei Y300 Y300-0100 C169B196
Hauwei Y300 Y300-0100 C479B197
Hauwei Y300 Y300-0100 C10B193
Hauwei Y300 Y300-0100 C44B175
Hauwei Y300 Y300-0100 C76B188
Hauwei Y300 Y300-0100 C99B163
Hauwei Y300 Y300-0100 C125B177
Hauwei Y300 Y300-0100 C142B168
Hauwei Y300 Y300-0100 C151B175
Hauwei Y300 Y300-0100 C163B184
Hauwei Y300 Y300-0100 C165B185
Hauwei Y300 Y300-0100 C203B176
Hauwei Y300 Y300-0100 C242B195
Hauwei Y300 Y300-0100 C249B193
Hauwei Y300 Y300-0100 C293B182
Hauwei Y300 Y300-0100 C320B186
Hauwei Y300 Y300-0100 C324B178
Hauwei Y300 Y300-0100 c367B189
Hauwei Y300 Y300-0100 c388B165
Hauwei Y300 Y300-0100 c477B171
Hauwei Y300 Y300-0100 C523B186
Hauwei Y300 Y300-0100 C544B164
Hauwei Y300 Y300-0100 C545B178
Hauwei Y300 Y300-0100 C557B184
Hauwei Y300 Y300-0100 C593B193
Hauwei Y300 Y300-0100 C585B192
Hauwei Y300 Y300-0151 C56B167
Hauwei Y300 Y300-0151 C96B197
Hauwei Y300 Y300-0151 C557B196
Hauwei Y300 Y300-0151 C606B195
Hauwei Y300 Y300-0151 C00B176
Hauwei Y300 Y300-0151 C25B193
Hauwei Y300 Y300-0151 C27B183
Hauwei Y300 Y300-0151 C45B170
Hauwei Y300 Y300-0151 C81B163
Hauwei Y300 Y300-0151 C110B173
Hauwei Y300 Y300-0151 C178B166
Hauwei Y300 Y300-0151 C195B162
Hauwei Y300 Y300-0151 C212B172
Hauwei Y300 Y300-0151 C251B182
Hauwei Y300 Y300-0151 C451B184
Hauwei Y300 Y300-0151 C521B178
Hauwei Y300 Y300-0151 C576B189
Hauwei Y300 Y300-0151 C582B192
Hauwei Y300 Y300-F1 C00B016
Hauwei Y300 Y300-J1 C111B128
Huawei Y330 Y330-C00 C92B128
Huawei Y330 Y330-C00 C645B103
Huawei Y330 Y330-C00 C650B102
Huawei Y330 Y330-U01 C00B258
Huawei Y330 Y330-U01 C150B121
Huawei Ascend Y336 Y336-A1 C421B133
Huawei Ascend Y340 Y340-U081 C189B168
Huawei B199 B199 C92B195
Huawei C199 Maimang C199 C92B260
Huawei C199 Maimang C199-ROM C92B383
Huawei C199 Maimang C199-ROM C333B362
Huawei C199s Maimang 3S C199s C92B287
Huawei C199s Maimang 3S C199s-CL00 C333B362
Huawei Honor 6A Delhi-AL10A C00B130
Huawei Honor 6A Delhi-L22 C432B106
Huawei Honor 6A Delhi-L42 C432B104
Huawei Honor 6A Delhi-TL20A C01B130
Huawei Honor 6A Delhi-L20R C10B108
Huawei Kestrel EE G535-L11 C15B117
Huawei Kestrel EE G535-L11 C109B120
Huawei Kestrel EE G535-L11 C440B114
Huawei Kestrel EE G535-L11 C530B117
Huawei P1 LTE U9202L C00B120
Huawei P1 LTE U9202L C440B117
Huawei P1 LTE U9202L-1 C00B888
Huawei P1 LTE U9202L-4 C00B120
Huawei Ideos U8150 U8150 C18B842
Huawei Ideos U8150 U8150 C203B823
Huawei Ideos U8150 U8150-92 C26B830
Huawei M931 M931 C177B130
Huawei M931 M931 C558B105
Huawei M835 M835 C177B666
Huawei Enjoy 7
Huawei Enjoy 6S
Huawei Nova Young
Huawei Y5 II
Huawei P10 Lite
Huawei Ascend Mate 7
Huawei MediaPad T3 10 2017
Huawei MediaPad T2 7.0
Huawei MediaPad T2 8.0
Huawei MediaPad T3 8.0