Actualización NCK Box / NCK Pro Qualcomm Module v0.5

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  • Alcatel
  • OT-4044
  • OT-4060
  • OT-5054
  • OT-6034
  • OT-6035
  • OT-6036
  • OT-7043
  • OT-7050
  • OT-9006
  • OT-9007
  • OT-9015
  • OT-9020
  • OT-A851
  • OT-J929l
  • OT-S850l
  • OT-S838m
  • OT-S836l
  • OT-S830u

Added many loaders for Alcatel phones.
New Alcatel phones FRP reset (now exe will autowipe phone on erase FRP)
New Alcatel unlock for supported phones.

Added Alcatel info by IMEI
(very useful when user need to get info about some Alcatel to know correct phone PID by IMEI) 
This can also be used to know phone PID to select model for code calculator or for selecting correct flash file.

Added new folder in setup: folder name: custom_loaders.
In this folder was saved loaders what not included in exe autodetection.


Added backup and restore QCN function for:

  • MSM8610
  • MSM8220
  • MSM8909
  • MSM8916
  • MSM8940
  • MSM8936
  • MSM8937
  • MSM8952
  • MSM8974
  • MSM8976
  • MSM8992
  • MSM8994
  • MSM8996

This function is 100% compatible with factory method, 
and allow to use QCN saved by QPST or use QCN saved by exe in QPST or other Qualcomm factory tools.