Actualización NckBox / Nck Pro Qualcomm v0.7



  • OT-4060O – Direct Unlock support/fixed
  • OT-4060W – Direct Unlock support/fixed
  • OT-4060A – Direct Unlock support/fixed
  • OT-5056N – Direct Unlock support/fixed
  • OT-5056O – Direct Unlock support/fixed
  • OT-5056W – Direct Unlock support/fixed
  • OT-5054W – Direct Unlock support/fixed
  • OT-5054N – Direct Unlock support/fixed
  • OT-5054O – Direct Unlock support/fixed

Alcatel & Vodafone Phones by Alcatel FRP Reset

  • Added Alcatel FRP Reset (fixed for some models)
  • Now in Alcatel tab added special button for this.
  • Need to select correct model from list and perform Erase FRP.

Modelos agregados:

  • OT-9001X
  • OT-9001D
  • OT-9001I
  • OT-4060S
  • OT-5056I
  • OT-9007T
  • OT-A621R
  • OT-4060O
  • OT-4060W
  • OT-4060A
  • OT-5056N
  • OT-5056O
  • OT-5056W
  • OT-5054W
  • OT-5054N
  • OT-5054O
  • VF-1497
  • VF-1397
  • VF-1400
  • OT-9007X [for EE]


importante: Algunos usuarios comentan que contiene errores en los nuevos modelos agregados:

all models added error in the unlock … with the previous update continue to run normally

Operation: Unlock phone.
Searching for phone…..
Port: Android HS-USB Diagnostics AF07 (COM71)
Rebooting in download mode, wait…
Waiting for download mode…
Hello received.
HW ID: 19004200E1009600 MSM8909
PK HASH: 598FB494403B71C36D1B0DFD0F9E24500D767980EF04E5F0A3 A94E28DF1FD901
Sending loader, please wait..
Error untill sending loader!
Loader not accepted by phone.
Please select manually loader for this cpu.
Total Time: 00:00:09