GCPROGSMTOOL V1.0.0.0051 released.


World’s First Samsung MSL Unlock support for Warranty void phones network unlocking.

Note:We do not provide any MSL16 please check sales section or wanted section for such service.
Note2: May not work on some security totally depend on phone & simlock type.
Use option MSL Unlock USB when ask for ADB Press Yes.

World’s First Android FRP Remove ADB alternative method for almost all Androids.

Note: Phone should have adb and security patch older 11-2016 without ROOT.

Use option FRP Remove ADB Press YES when ask for new method.(will remove pattern,pin,password etc too)

  • Improvements:
    • Motorola adb enable older then jun 2017.
    • Samsung bypass knox.
    • Samsung msl unlock adb.
    • LG sprint 6.x/7.x unlocking.
    • FRP remove adb if rooted will remove pattern,password,pin etc too same time.
    • Samsung FRP_UFS method connection,verification for ufs storage or not.
    • imei cert write usb improved.
    • imei cert write adb improved.


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